The Angel pt 2 : the sorrow of the defeated

So the Sons of the Lion fought to the bitter end against the Sons of Macragge, highlights where turns 1 and 2 when my list showed what it could really do.

I messed up forgetting to scout which cost my Ravenwing bikers and Darkshroud that extra 12″ of move but it didnt matter too much as turn 1 my Deathwing terminators slammed down on target and my Drop pod Tactical squad missed its mark by a few inches the shooting phase was brutal by the end of turn 2 19 Ultramarines lay dead either riddled or screamed to death the last Marine stood defiant for 2 rounds of melee v my lone Deathwing sgt .

Sammael came to the rescue to save the shamed Terminator….his only kill in the entire game….

Turn 3 came the downfall the big birds came out and pretty much deleted any means of me pulling off a win.

The main focus of the game came down to the fight between Paul’s Centurians and chaplain and my Terminator sgt and Sammael the former only lasting due to my Libbys bubble shield . In the end i was beaten Sammael survived but the lose of my scouts, terminator sgt and libby lost me the game …

All in all an action packed and nail bitting game towards the end ever dice roll become a make or break , Hopefully later in the year i can get a re matched and see if i can pull off a win or a draw.

Man of the match is a toss up between my Darkshroud who took a sheer hammering and only lost 1 HP the entire game or my Libby with the forcefield  , in the end i think the Libby wins out just due to saving my so many Dark angels live throughout the course of the game


THE ANGEL pt1 : army list and roles

So on the 18 th of March ill be fighting Paul and his Ultramarines, I should be scared as he has both a Storm Eagle and Storm Raptor im not 100% sure if he’ll have both or just one of them but if he takes both them im on the back foot…BUT im not scared of fliers so all is good anyway on to my list and the role each should be playing .


Sammuel : He serves two roles 1st being my warlord  due to him being hard as nails with eternal warrior and T5 4++ also has ap2 sword at I5, 2nd and the main reason to take him makes bikers count as troop

Librarian : PSG : this guy will be with my drop pod team giving them a 4++ powers wise he’ll just go with psychic scream but his main role is for the 4++



Deathwing Terminators : assault cannon : this guys will drop down turn 1 in the Ultramarines DZ as a back field threat i want Paul to focus on these guys so the rest of my army has less pressure on them


Darkshroud : reason for this i love the model and it gives friendly units near by stealth , expect it to die by turn 2 though

Jetfighter : not the best flyer in the game but again love the model and its special rule to count weapons destroyed as immoblised is too good to pass on

scouts :sniper cloaks : back field objective holders cheap should hold well in cover plus adds another scoring unit to my army

tactical squad (5) : meltagun , razorback , assault cannon : this units role is to add a small amount of pressure on Pauls ground troops and to grab mid table objectives/relic. the razorback will act as a AA gun as a roll of a 6 will pen his fliers

Tactical squad(8) melta gun , drop pod:these are to take out back field tanks and add more pressure back field


Vindicator : a distraction unit nothing more